Since 2003, IMS Logistics (IMS-L) has provided customer focused automotive sub-assembly, manufacturing sequence, logistics and supply chain management services – at industry-leading performance levels. We are focused on providing the best products and services possible within the industry. Each of the 300 plus parts we assemble, sequence or handle each day is the result of our meticulous attention to detail that never deviates from our customer specifications.

IMS-L provides an integrated warehousing system that is managed by professional manpower receiving, storing and distributing your goods with a real time tracking system providing the best solution to manage your inventory.

Distribution & Logistics
IMS-L partners with our customers to provide seamless and integrated solutions to their warehousing and distribution needs by providing very competitive rates for ALL of their transportation needs throughout the Southern Region of the United States.

The manufacturing and automotive assembly services provided by IMS-L enable manufacturers to maintain a competitive advantage by delivering exceptional cost, quality and productivity improvements that accelerate growth and success.