IMS-L provides integrated warehousing and a distribution network across the South. Oura warehousing system that is managed by professional man power utilizing warehouse supporting tools that include i.e.,hand pallet, forklift, reach truck and raking to accommodate the storage process.

From receiving, storing and distributing your goods with a real time tracking system, we provide the best solution to manage your inventory for example , storing and a assist with you growing your business. Founded in 2003, we are fully committed to serving our customers since 2003.and offer a proven track record of providing the quality service you need.

IMS-L possesses a trusted strategic warehousing system as well as a distribution network across the Southern region. Our staff prides itself on our ability to provide timely delivery, organized storage, fast and accurate picking and packing and a distribution system that gets the right goods to the right place at the right time.

We work hard to manage your warehousing needs so you can focus on your business—which is the goal!!

Distribution and Logistics

IMS-L partners with our customers to provide seamless and integrated solutions to their warehousing and distribution needs. We provide our customersvery competitive rates for ALL transportation needs throughout the Southern Region of the United States. You can also take advantage of our regional carrier’s contacts for your transportation needs in North America.

IMS-L is able to provide support in transportation, consolidation and distribution, rework and repair, and other value-added services, including:

  • OUTBOUND LOGISTICS – IMS-L manages outbound shipping by helping you select carriers that are best suited to meet your shipping requirements, including our in-house contract carrier.
  • INBOUND LOGISTICS – IMS-L stores your products at our facility, allowing you to maximize your space. This would allow you to free up storage and/or production space. We offer a variety of other services which complements the distribution functions, including the following:
    • Pick/Pack and Kitting
    • Sequencing
    • Consolidating
    • Re-Packaging
    • Contract Packaging
    • Custom Services per your requirements
  • REVERSE LOGISTICS – Quality Control allows you to maximize your return costs by taking advantage of our return management program. Our capabilities include:
    • Return Management
    • Repair and Re-working
    • Re-packaging and Re-labeling
    • Inspecting, Gauging and Testing
    • Re-shipping

Sub-Assembly/Light Assembly

Our manufacturing and automotive assembly services help manufacturers maintain a competitive advantage by delivering cost, quality and produc­tivity improvements. Furthermore, when manufacturers are relieved of the burden of parts production, particularly the “how” type issues that siphon off large amounts of time and attention, they are better able to concentrate on product development and marketing – activities that accelerate growth and success. This allows our customers more time to focus on the business of making the best products in the market.
The value-added manufacturing and assembly solutions offered by IMS-L include all supply chain functions from logistics, to supplier management, opera­tions and quality assurance.

At IMS-L, we are always focused on manufacturing the best automotive parts in the industry. Each of the parts we produce daily is the result of meticulous attention to detail that never deviates from our customers’ specifications.

Quality Assurance Services

IMS-L provides quality assurance services to the manufacturing industry which includes sorting, inspection, containment and rework. We partner with you, our customer, to help you focus on solving your quality problems while we certify product so that you can deliver high quality conforming product to your customers.

We offer complete containment services on-site at any of your facilities. Our services are 24/7, and include charting and reporting. Our personnel are continually trained and monitored to ensure they perform sorting and inspection services per your specific criteria, schedules and instructions; dedicated to helping you be successful. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations in a measureable and accountable process.

Industrial Staffing Services

IMS-L can assist you in finding the right qualified personal for temporary and permanent positions—and often with less cost to you in both time and money. We provide traditional temporary industrial staffing services for our clients either through contract, project, or seasonal basis, including staffing for crisis situations or during major events that threaten to harm your operations.

IMS-L’s temporary manufacturing staffing and managed workforces are a solution for companies faced with demanding manufacturing cycles, unreliable labor pools, a deficiency in seasonal labor, or those with an inabilities to operate their facility at their full potential. By maintaining a database of qualified, well trained and ready to go workers, IMS-L provides companies the flexibility to accomplish their manufacturing goals while minimizing unnecessary spending on idling workers and equipment. Our services include: Assembly Line, Production, Pickers, Packers, Inspectors, Equipment Operators, Forklift Operations, Shipping and Receiving and Maintenance. Industrial Staffing Solutions You Can Trust.