John D. Calhoun, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer


IMS Logistics was formed in 2003 as a partnership between IMS, a Jackson-based engineering firm and an already established assembly, sub-assembly and logistics services provider for Nissan. Nissan was committed to having their supplier based in Mississippi to reflect the diversity of their customers and the diversity of their team members who build Nissan vehicles in North Mississippi. Having a diverse supplier base enables Nissan to contribute to the economic well-being of all segments of the U.S. population.


Our vision is to be the auto industry’s supplier of choice for assembly, build to sequence, logistics and service parts. We stand, as a successful community based supplier, committed to adding value to customers and society; developing our people; and continuously learning, growing and improving.


Our Quality First principle means to continuously challenge innovation. Since our very beginning, IMS Logistics has been built on a long-standing dedication to “Quality First.” It’s more than just a motto. “Quality First” defines our organization, from product development to service delivery as well as quality assurance through customer satisfaction, protection of the environment and our sense of social responsibility and contribution. Simply put, we believe “Quality First” means having processes and systems in place to prevent defects the first time!


  • Continuous Learning and Improving
    IMS Logistics continuously improves by investing in our team members and adopting world-class philosophies and practices.
  • Diversity
    IMS Logistics maintains an atmosphere that attracts and retains top talent by embracing, encouraging and respecting our differences.
  • Integrity
    IMS Logistics holds ourselves accountable to conduct all activities at the highest level of ethical behavior with our customers, partners, suppliers as well as each other.
  • Develop People and Partners
    IMS Logistics improves the skills, abilities and knowledge of our team members in order to expand their roles and responsibilities and thoughtful consideration is given to everyone’s ideas while providing the appropriate training and resources to ensure success.
  • Safety
    At IMS Logistics, safety is everybody’s business. IMS is committed to ensuring our team work in safe and healthy environments. It is the responsibility of the team to follow safety guidelines and rules to prevent injuries on the job. Team members are expected to consider Safety first and not put themselves nor other employees and customers in a dangerous situation. Our main goal is to have “ZERO” accidents. IMS-L strives to continually provide all employees with Safety & Health knowledge, tools and the environment needed to have a safe, healthy and productive life.
  • Teamwork
    IMS Logistics shares ideas, best practices and resources while respecting and supporting each other in a professional and selfless manner. We achieve greatest results through our team approach, in a workplace that is positive and encouraging. IMS Logistics improve the skills, abilities and knowledge of our team members in order to expand their roles and responsibilities. Thoughtful consideration is given to everyone’s ideas, providing the appropriate training and resources to ensure success.